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You are

so much more

than your diagnosis.


I know you have probably spent months if not YEARS trying to figure out why things are different for you.  After many appointments, diagnostic tests, researching, and trying to convince a medical professional that something was off, you finally have a diagnosis. Or maybe you are still in this process, fighting to be heard but being told “it is all in your head”. 

All of is really difficult and it causes so much suffering.  By the time I meet with a client for the first time, I know that they have tried EVERYTHING in their power to make things easier or better for themselves.  I get that therapy is sometimes the last option because nothing else is working.  I also understand that having another doctor appointment is the last thing that you want.


This is why I created an exclusively online practice


 I understand that you are tired. That you may not want to go out into the chaotic world of noise, traffic, and more waiting rooms.  Online therapy and coaching can be done from YOUR couch.

Hello, I'm Kelly

I’m happy that you are here today.  


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in chronic pain & illness and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adults.


 It is difficult to live with a diagnosis that many others do not understand. Whether it be Autism, where you have a different set of needs for social and sensory support or dealing with pain and illness that places limits on how you show up in the world.

In our work together we will work on goals that are important to you.  We will figure out what your best life can look like despite having a diagnosis.


In therapy we work by calming anxiety, lifting depression, navigating a difficult diagnosis, building self-worth, and finding ways to manage your symptoms.





Why online therapy?

Girl Using Laptop

other perks:

  • No commuting

  • Flexible schedule

  • No awkward waiting rooms

  • Confidential/HIPPA compliant

  • No stigmas

  • Don’t have to use your hard earned paid time off to travel to and from sessions

  • Minimizes other major barriers that get in the way

  • You have access to a client portal (no extra download needed) that allows you to schedule, participate in your sessions, and pay online

  • BONUS: there is also an app for your tablet/phone

Well..., why not? We do almost everything else online. I have 15 years of experience with traditional in-person, sit-on-my-couch type of therapy and I can speak to the effectiveness of online therapy.  


My honest opinion is that online therapy is just more convenient for busy people, people in chronic pain or suffering from illness, and those on the autism spectrum.


Not feeling well? You can have your session sitting up in bed, in your favorite pjs.  Feeling overwhelmed stepping outside your house? You can connect via video from your quiet, safe space.  We can do video sessions through your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.  And if that is too intimidating, then we can do sessions via phone. 


My online clients reach their goals just as quickly (if not quicker) than traditional in-person therapy sessions. Research is also showing online therapy to be just as effective. 







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