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Neurodivergent Affirmative Therapy

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Let me first say that I am happy that you are here. The last few years have been challenging for most individuals. Drastic disruptions to routines, work, and socializing have changed our way of functioning in the world. This time has led to many people reassessing life and their needs. Many of my clients come to me in a state of burnout and questioning if they are autistic. Others are struggling to manage life demands with chronic pain/illness. 
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If you have ever felt too overwhelmed to deal with your problems, you are not alone! As a therapist I hold space for clients as they process difficult emotions, work through challenges and uncover strength and resilience. I also offer expertise in understanding what Autism actually looks like for adults. Whether it is exploring an autism diagnosis, unraveling years of masking, coping with difficult chronic challenges or burnout, it is important to do this with a neurodivergent affirmative therapist.

Burnout is REAL. Unmasking is HARD. But starting therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Online therapy allows me to meet a client where they truly are. My clients are invited to do sessions from their comfortable corners of their world. Which may be filled with pillows, figets, pets, or a place for them to unmask and stim away from the demands of the outside world.

Practice Specialties

Adult Autism Assessments

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Autistic Women + & Nonbinary

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Chronic Illness & Pain

Hello, I'm Kelly

I am a neurodiverse affirmative therapist with 17 years of clinical experience. I specialize in working with Autistic adults, most of whom are exploring a late diagnosis.  Many of my clients are women + (and non-binary) although I work with a few men as well. 

Through the last five years I have been drawn to this specialization, and have been re-learning everything that I "thought" I knew about Autism. In my self-driven education and speaking with many other autistic adults, I have thrown old diagnostic tools out & adopted a new process to adjust for how Autism actually shows up in people. I don't like using terms such as "high functioning" or "low support needs" as I find that this is dismissive for many of my clients who are silently struggling and living in burnout. 

In addition to Autism, I also continue to work with individuals who are struggling with chronic illness/pain. I understand the trauma that lies in navigating the medical healthcare system and the depression and anxiety that can accompany it.


In our work together we will work on goals that are important to you.  Whether it is completing an assessment for an Autism diagnosis, finding support for burnout, creating a more authentic life or just finding ways to get through depressive episodes. 

My therapeutic approach is non-traditional in the sense that I know throwing CBT worksheets at a client isn't that helpful. I modify modalities so they are neurodiverse friendly and not shame inducing.



Kelly Redmon, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Licensed in Virginia, Florida & Rhode Island

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