Compassionate & Nonjudgmental Support

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Let me first say that I am happy that you are here. I recognize that by the time I meet with a client for the first time, I know that they have tried EVERYTHING in their power to make things easier or better for themselves. But it can be incredibly difficult when life continues to throw punches. That is where I can help!
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If you have ever felt too overwhelmed to deal with your problems, you are not alone! As a therapist I hold space for clients as they process difficult emotions, work through challenges and uncover strength and resilience. With nonjudgemental support I lead clients to a happier, healthier, and more productive life!

It's been a tough year. Starting therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself


 I understand that you are busy & tired. That you may not want to go out into the chaotic world of noise, traffic, and more waiting rooms.  Online therapy and coaching can be done from YOUR couch.

Practice Specialties

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Depression & Anxiety

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Chronic Illness & Pain

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Healthcare Professionals

Hello, I'm Kelly

I’m happy that you are here today.  


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with 15 year of experience. In addition to working with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, I also specialize in chronic pain & illness, mood disorders, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adults.

 It is difficult to live with a diagnosis that many others do not understand. Whether it be Autism, where you have a different set of needs for social and sensory support or dealing with pain and illness that places limits on how you show up in the world.

In our work together we will work on goals that are important to you.  We will figure out what your best life can look like despite having a diagnosis.


In therapy we work by calming anxiety, lifting depression, navigating a difficult diagnosis, building self-worth, and finding ways to manage your symptoms.





Kelly Redmon, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Licensed in Virginia, Florida & Rhode Island